Mondaiji 04

So the mastermind behind Largo was Leticia, Kurousagi’s kidnapped friend. The friend she wanted to save with the help of the three she summoned. Leticia used Largo as a measuring stick, to see how strong these three are… see if they are capable of winning Gift Games.

Leticia is just a captive, she’s property of someone else… Perseus, and he has his eyes on Kurousagi.


At least he has good taste~


But they aren’t about to give Kurousage without a fight… also Leticia. She has been captured and turned to stone. And thanks to Izayoi’s hax powers, they’re able to challenge Perseus to a Gift Game to save her.

Also, Kurousagi was pretty bad ass this episode. She summoned some staff and the enemies on the other side shat their pants. Sadly, she didn’t get to do anything as Izayoi stopped her…


Dang, wanted to see what she was capable off www

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