Jinrui ha Suitai Shimashita – Manga Reinassance

With the decline of humanity, culture went along with it. But someone found the remnants of an ancient and dead sub-culture and brought it back to the masses, this is the last chance to save the culture of the… … fujoshi!

Fu fu fu~

So even with the decline of humanity, boy’s love would still strive! It took just one doujinshi to rekindle the fire all over the country. Girls all over eagerly awaited to read more of “Camphorwood”, and when they couldn’t wait anymore, they made their own!

dem fujoshis are everywhere! They even brought back Comiket… or whatever the event is called where all fujoshi gather. (Is there even one!?)

Someone has to bring yuri back to counteract this!

Oh hey, maybe we’ll get some yuri action as Watashi is stuck in a white space with nothing else around but her (female) friend, Y. Well, that Assistant dude is there too IIRC, but you can ignore him.

Also, it’s not gonna happen. D:

All this was just the introduction to the real story this time around. The white space Watashi is stuck in is actually a manga panel!

Love how they’re just staring at that sound effect. lol

One thought on “Jinrui ha Suitai Shimashita – Manga Reinassance

  1. I liked how what appeared to be a completely random episode ended with them being stuck in a manga panel as the whole show as about boys love manga. This show is simply unsettling but I am enjoying it.

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