Hey Wakana, just because a big muscled Mexican*1 is chasing after you doesn’t mean he wants your money! He even helped you fix your broken bicycle chain. YOU RACIST!

But that’s the best action to do. I mean, she doesn’t understand what the hell he’s saying and he was a little too familiar. Way too close for comfort. Of course she’s gonna run away from you, dude. lol

I’m kind of surprised the Spanish pronunciation was actually good. Why can’t they get this type of good pronunciation with English? But then again, we wouldn’t get that hilarious scene when she tell him once again:

Obviously, he’s part of the band that was at the beach house with Konatsu, Sawa, and Taichi. Maybe they’ll join up for the summer event. After Wakana accepts he’s not a stalker! lol

Also, he seems to know about Wakana’s mother. The reason why he got so excited he couldn’t contain himself. Wonder if Wakana’s mother was (or is) someone world famous. Both the principal and the old Mexican guy reacted to Wakana as if expecting something of her.

We can only wait and see.

Note 1: Not sure if old dude is Mexican or Italian. He speaks Spanish so I assume Mexican.

5 thoughts on “TARI TARI – I DON’T MONEY!

  1. I think he said bellissima instead of bonito. So I’m voting for Italian. It sounds authentic. Any native speakers here? Is it horrible Italinese or did they actually hire a native speaker?

    Screenshot of the month:

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