Flyable Heart – Translation Project

Flyable Heart, this Visual Novel actually got a translation patch not too long ago. I was very excited, more people could read this wonderful visual novel, I thought. But when I got to see the screenshots and just exactly was going on… I got pissed. Seems like whoever ‘translated’ the visual novel used Google translate or something similar and just slapped it on, made a patch, and called it a day.

They really screwed with the hopes of the fans.

And because I got pissed at their method, and seeing as I finished this visual novel not too long ago, I decided to start a translation project for Flyable Heart myself!

But I can only deal with translation, I’ll have to gather up interested people with coding knowledge to be able to make a patch out of it. I will start looking very soon, if you know anyone who may be interested, send them my way.

This will definitely be my biggest and longest translation project yet! Look forward to it!


8 thoughts on “Flyable Heart – Translation Project

  1. Sadly, I don’t know anyone that could help you, but I sincerely hope you can find that person! I’m really looking forward to it and wish you all the best ^^

  2. Cool. Flyable hearts is one of my favourite VNs. It’d be awesome if it could get a proper translation

    can you drop me an email at
    or my blog

    I might be able to get some help for you. Do you have the raw scripts?

    • You mean this letter?

      Shit, can’t read that. I replayed the scene, here’s the gist of it:

      His father wrote the letter, and should something happen to him, it will be delivered to Shou. He didn’t write anything special or important, just about the time Shou fell off the tree but was able to save him.

      Then he wrote that he will always think of Shou as his precious child until the time Shou makes his own family… something he looks forward to.

      (But because the letter reached Shou, it means something bad happened and he won’t be able to see Shou make his own family. D: )

  3. ok , now i understand btr from sakurako route , nice sweet classic ending! 1 down , 4 more to go!

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