Kaichou ha Maid-sama – Neko Mimi Moe

Hahaha~ Usui dead pan way of saying “Neko mimi moe~” was so damn funny!

And man, I really feel for Misaki. She’s the prez and she has to deal with these kids. Boys will be boys but this guys are so damn immature!

Well, at least there’s some SHOUNEN AI KIRA KIRA to get them in check! Usui’s powar is strong XD

9 thoughts on “Kaichou ha Maid-sama – Neko Mimi Moe

  1. I KNOWWW! that was probably my fav part this episode! Usui was soo cute :DD KYAA! Neko mimi moeee~ and then the 3 guys lol!

  2. ROFL, Shounen Ai Kira Kira lololol. Funny, I don’t really sympathize with Misaki for having to deal with the boys; she somehow put herself in the president position, and I tend to think she retaliates more than putting a stop to things… she’s cute.

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