Kiddy GiRL-AND – The Galaxy is Safe

Very much thanks to Yuri powar up, the galaxy is safe from destruction. All’s well that ends well.

So in the end, Geackter all really wanted was a special someone to be with him forever. And once that special someone told him she will stay with him forever, he switched sided and joined the good guys side, giving Ascouer all his powers, which made him disappear.

Eww…just a thought. Does this mean Geackter and Ascouer WILL be together forever? I mean, they did join powers and Ascoeur got that rose birthmark in the same place Geackter had it! I am not pleased with this thought. :(

Anyway the anime is over and it was a somewhat interesting run. The anime wasn’t all that good to begin with, I recall the first season being awesum, but that may just be nostalgia, but I continued to watch it because it was at least somewhat interesting to me. I don’t think I would recommend this to anyone looking for a worthwhile anime to watch.


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