Hakuouki – Reverse Trap?

See that character up there? Looks like a girl, sounds like a girl, acts like a girl and has a girl’s name {Chizuru}, but guess what, SHE IS A GIRL!

lolwtf @ the Shinsengumi for thinking she was a guy for about the first half of the episode. Apparently, simply by wearing male samurai clothing a pretty girl becomes a boy in the eyes of these Shinsengumi! XD

Everything I know about the Shinsengumi is from Gintama. Yeah, that completely random anime about randomness. So I picked this one up to see another, more serious, side of the Shinsengumi. I can’t help but contrast between Gintama and Hakuouki Shinsengumi, and I get major LULZ at the similarities and differences. I’m gonna like this anime, maybe…if it stays interesting. For now I like it, I want to know what those zombie like people were and what it has to do with Chizuru’s father.

Also, I’m looking to see some more samurai sword fighting~

9 thoughts on “Hakuouki – Reverse Trap?

  1. Ep2 seems to be building up to some nice Ep3 fighting so… ~(o.o )~

    The history-obsessed me has been enjoying it o/ But yeah, you need a shinsengumi fact update =P

  2. ahahah xD I was all .. how can they think THAT’S a boy?! That just screams Girl!! (Not like ouran host club for example where haruhi did indeed look like a boy…)

    Anyway, I love the fact that you can’t help contrast between Gintama and Hakuouki xD It seems impossible xDD with Gintama’s randomness and stuff… But I’m doing exactly the same.

    Guess that’s what gintama can do to you…

    • Oh, similarities with Ouran, both are girls, they thought she was a guy, AND REVERSE HAREM!

      I think I may contrast both Shinsengumi ’till the end of the run of Hakuouki!

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