Ladies Versus Butlers! – Summer Slave

WOAH WOAH WOAH WHOA!!!! What is this!? Akiharu is feeling up Flameheart! AKIHARU! The guy who hasn’t shown interest in ANY girl so far!!! Something’s wrong, this episode is just beginning so let’s see what led up to this…

So much for the generous Flameheart. She gave Akiharu a card because of the promise from the previous episode. The promise he’ll do one thing for her. That one thing she want is have him go to her summer house in Japan and have hot kinky secks.

Right, I knew you wouldn’t believe me! ;) She just wanted a SLAVE she can command to do anything, and who better to treat as a SLAVE than Akiharu, the person has always made fun of her and dishonored her by feeling her up in first episode. She is not aware RAEP is saying HELLO in Japan. Flameheart has much to learn.

Ah…maybe that’s what’s happening in that first screenshot. Akiharu is just saying hello and showing his thanks for the invitation to have hot kinky secks her summer house as a SLAVE.

lol she also needs to pay attention in class. She completely misunderstood the teacher, she isn’t supposed to take a Servand Ed student and have him/her be her personal sex SLAVE, but have him/her observe the house of a High Class student and observe the way the servants behave.

Tomomi will have a blast if she finds out about this…where is Tomomi? This ep feels incomplete without her. :(

THERE SHE IS!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

She's doing the same thing as Flameheart, traplicious DFC Daichi is with her~

Oh, I guess we just found out what led to the RAEP greeting. Akiharu has ZERO percent alcohol tolerance! It took a simple wine filled chocolate to get him drunk! XD

Nothing like a bit o’ alcohol to bring out your true self! lol

“TITTIES!” he yells at her! “BIG HUEG TITTIES!!”

But not only did it bring out the pervert in him, but also the smooth talker in him.

“You have a really beautiful face!”

And now we’re where we started. Mystery solved, dude was drunk. Now to see if he’ll go all the way. I guess no…but going by the other episodes, I expect to see TITTIES!

Ah but of course, we are forgetting one other effect of alcohol…impotency. Shit makes you drowsy and you can’t finish…or in Akiharu’s case, begin… >_>

Oh Tomomi pays a visit~

This evil girl is awesome, love her psychotic tendencies~ She speaks all refined and proper, never knew such words could have such deep and menacing meanings.

Flameheart was thinking about what Akiharu did last night as she was floating in the water, she was also thinking about the scene with Tomomi and Akiharu, showing some jealousy perhaps. Akiharu is now in her radar whether she admits it or not. And while drowning in her thoughts, her bra loosens up and floats away, she frantically tries to snatch it back and almost drowns.

So we get the typical ‘oh shit my leg cramp and I’m drowning’ scenario, Tomomi knows what’s supposed to be done in such scenario and ask Akiharu to give her CPR. Tomomi of course knows Flameheart doesn’t need it.

Akiharu goes for it, but what took me aback was Tomomi’s reaction…she had a GENUINE ‘You’re really gonna do it!!!” reaction. It was cute~

Flameheart wakes up at the last second and slaps him…after getting her bearings she ladied up and properly thanked Akiharu for saving her, ending the anime.

You know, this ep was a bit not to my expectations. Ladies Versus Butlers! so far has been my go to anime for fanservice, Chu-Bra!! too, but the fanservice there is more like a side dish, I’m interested in the Underwear Club and the way they see underwear…anyways, Ladies Versus Butlers! is complete fanservice and this ep didn’t really deliver on it. Which is a shame, Daichi was here for the second part, and all she/he did was stand in the sideline dying of heat exhaustion…she/he was wearing the Butler uniform the whole time. :(

It did promise on the TITTIES part, but it was only for an instance and not ‘perverted’. Flameheart was drowning, couldn’t look at her TITTIES that way… >_>

Well, whatever, next episode it seems we get a date with Tomomi and Akiharu. A Tomomi centered episode DO WANT!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Ladies Versus Butlers! – Summer Slave

  1. Things are getting interesting now , Drill went into full attack mode with the ending of this one. You could see Tomomi not expecting him to do the CPR, what do you think she would do if she saw them kiss? This could get interesting!

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