Ladies Versus Butlers! 04

Akiharu sure has massive amount of luck! You know what I like about Akiharu? That he doesn’t really seem to have an interest in these very voluptuous girls he’s always running into. He’s just there to study and plan for the future and no tits is gonna make him waver! I guess it all has […]

Chu-Bra!! – Adult Underwear

This week it’s Haruka turn to accept and feel better of herself. She’s feeling a bit self conscious because all the boys are gawking and snickering at her breasts. They went as far as to make a BIGGEST TITTIES AT SCHOOL list…And to make things more complicated, here comes Nayu with her idea to get […]


That screenshot show my face as I watched this special OVA! It was both entertaining and DELICIOUS~ How long has it been since K-ON! ended? A season? I didn’t expect to miss the antics of the K-ON Club this much. Simply hearing Yui speak and being as carefree as always made me remember how much […]