Tales of the Abyss – AmbASSador Luke

“I’m the embASSador, If I say we go, we go!!”

This episode really tested my patience with Luke. Every time he opened his mouth I felt like punching him in the face! It was so bad that I stopped halfway and came back to it 30 minutes later…but the second half was even worse! >_< Tear should have tore him a new one rather than just scold him…

You know it’s REALLY bad when Anise isn’t happy about it…

But at least we get some teenage Tear!


4 thoughts on “Tales of the Abyss – AmbASSador Luke

  1. I have to ask, have you played the game?

    I have and boy, I knew this was going to happen and i´m rageing pretty much as soon as I see him.

    The two following eps will probably be a lot more interesting for you though :)

  2. Well, bratty!Luke really annoying, however just wait until he change into angsty!Luke. He become my most fav character when he change. I won’t spoil you any further though.

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