Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka – The Required Hot Springs Episode

Sorry, No fanservice shots this time…

This time around, Ayanokouji-sama tries to make us forget what happened last time she was in the spot light…and what better way than a hot spring episode? Well, too be honest, there wasn’t much fanservice…WHERE IS THE FONDLING SCENE!? I don’t just want to hear it, I WANT TO SEE IT TOO!!! >_<

But at least this time Ayanokouji-sama didn’t do some crazy sh!t…like that Octopus Light Saber thing she did last time! >_> Overall a nice episode, I find myself looking forward to this less than great anime even more than CLANNAD… O_O Oh Shi–

/me dodges bricks

I actually think Akane-Iro is better than CLANNAD right now and will so until CLANNAD gets to the GOOD parts…>_> But for now, Akane-Iro > CLANNAD


My Yuri Senses Are Tingling…

Also, extra awesome points to Nanoha Clone Minato and her ub3r 1337 b3Ar 5p3Ak1Ng 5ki11z!


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