Makino Yui finally appeared!!!

In “Kaze no Stigma” that is! ^_^ And not only to say like one or two lines either! I’ve been waiting for this since I’ve started watching this anime!

She was the reason why I started watching Kaze no Stigma. I saw my brother watching this and it seemed interesting. So I checked Kaze no Stigma’s Wiki page to see what’s it about. It didn’t really have that much information about the anime, so I just kept reading and reached the “Staff and Cast” section. That’s were I read that Makino Yui will play Lapis Suirei, Tsuo Rin’s copy. Good thing that this anime wasn’t crap…

Makino Yui has this nice, sweet, and lovely voice when she sings and when playing as Sakura-hime in Tsubasa Chronicles. She breaks off of that voice and goes into a monotonic and emotionless voice to play as Lapis Suirei!! GOOD JOB MAKINO YUI!! ME LIKES!! ^_^

5 thoughts on “Makino Yui finally appeared!!!

    • rie kugimiya the voice of Nagi sanzenin on Hayate no Gotoku/Hayate the combat Butler is good,and Yukari/Shana on Shakugan no Shana and one again i’m forget but still..i like kanoko..

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