Code Geass Stage 24+25

OMFG!! These two episodes were freakin’ awesome!!! I watched the series since it aired back in October and had to wait like three months for these two episodes. I don’t know why the studio {Sunrise} did this, all it did was just make the fans anticipate, speculate, and wait so long only to get a […]

Lucky Star made me laugh again!!!

Recently, Lucky Star has been leaving me a bit unsatisfied. Those hidden jokes and hard references have been missing from previous episodes. Though it was great that they introduced new characters, Yutaka and Minami, I still expected more. Episode 15 gave me what I wanted. Well, the April Fool’s jokes were a bit cheesy, but […]

Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ OP Single

The single for the anime Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi has been released. Just like most anime singles, it comes with four tracks. The last two being the Karaoke version of the songs, which never gets played on my media player!! ^_^ It comes with “I SAY YES” and “LOVE Imagination.” Out of those […]

Moetan Ep. 2

The self proclaimed Rival {Kuroi Sumi} gets magical powers…as well as a talking cat!!! We also see that Kuroi Sumi is rich, and that she has a very evil maid, who wakes her up by kicking the bed over and knocking Sumi off of it. I get the impression that Sumi likes to cosplay, one […]

Kenkou Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho EP. 3

The swim team goes to a tri-meet over at another school. And just like any other school, the guys look at them with perverted eyes…even the coach does it. Taking pictures of the girls from Umisho, saying that he MUST video tape the competition. ^_^ Orizuka wins her race flawlessly. It was the captains turn […]

School Days Ep 2

Makoto is doing what a guy should never do, that is reading a book on love/dating. Those books only make things worse IMO. Sekai, being the genius that she is, tells him that’s stupid and should find out about Kotonoha by himself and not to follow a book. She then gives him two tickets so […]

Doujin Work Ep. 2

Najimi has started her doujinshi ways, for the sake of money. The bad thing is that she has never drawn anything good…not even in elementary school. Tsuyuri helps her by giving her some ‘reference’ to work with, so she takes her to buy an ero game! This is Najimi’s first time so she needed a […]