ARIA Season 3!!!

The October issue (on sale August 30) of Mag Garden’s Comic Blade magazine will announce that a third animated television season based on Kozue Amano’s Aria surreal slice-of-life manga was greenlit. Director Junichi Sato (Gate Keepers, Pretear, Princess Tutu) will return after overseeing both of the previous Aria television seasons and the OVA. The staff will largely be the same as the OVA version’s. The broadcast date has not been set yet, but the third season has been in production since this past spring.


*UPDATE: Friday, August 31, 2007. The title for the 3rd season will be “ARIA the Origination.”*

I was already excited about the OVA (~ARIETTA~), but now a new season!?! CAN’T WAIT!!!

Also, might be unrelated but, I hope there will also be a new Single by Makino Yui. The first two season had Makino Yui singing the intro, I hope they keep the trend and have her sing for the third one!! ^_^

3 thoughts on “ARIA Season 3!!!

  1. キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!!


    …looks like I have no excuse not to change my image header, even though I really like the one I have now.

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