Makino Yui

I’ve been listening to Makino Yui’s new album, Tenkyuu no Ongaku, for about 5 weeks now. And after listening to it around 30 freakin’ times, I can say that I’M IN LOVE~♥

A bit of info on Makino Yui:

–She was born on January 19, 1986 in Tokyo, Japan.
–She is a seiyuu, actress and singer.
–Notable roles in anime:
* Tsubasa Chronicle (Sakura)
* Aria The Natural (Akane) #26
* Welcome to the NHK! (Misaki Nakahara)
* Spider Riders: Oracle of Heroes (Girl) #7..
* Coron-chan (Byobaa)
* Zegapain (May-Yu)
* Tsubasa Chronicle (second season) (Sakura)
* Kaze no Stigma (Lapis Suirei)
* Bokurano (Aiko Tokosumi)
* Tsubasa Chronicle: Torikago no Kuni no Himegimi (Sakura)

*Taken from

Here’s the thing though, I do not know that much Japanese to understand what she’s saying…but I can still enjoy her music!!!

Her new album is mostly composed of songs that were featured in anime, but there are also some original songs. I’m not one to like every songs in an album, Tenkyuu no Ongaku is different. I LIKE EVERY SINGLE SONG ON IT!!! I can {almost} sing along to every track…not knowing what I’m saying though!! ^_^’

My FAVORITE tracks are Undine, Symphony, Euforia, and Amrita

Undine, Symphony, and Euforia were featured in ARIA the ANIMATION/NATURAL
Amrita on Tsubasa Chronicles.


Thanks to Makino Yui, I have broaden my music taste and I’m now listening to more Japanese music. I also gotten albums from:

Mizuki Nana
Maaya Sakamoto
Round Table featuring Nino
Hirano Aya
Tainaka Sachi

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