Not so long a go, I think about 2 weeks {now 7+ months), I got into this anime named Aria the Animation. I even forgot how I came upon it…. I just can’t remember.

NO WAIT!! I think it was because I was looking at G****u’s Anime Music, and I was searching for some Makino Yui songs {I think it was “Modokashii Sekai no ue de” {Ending theme of “N.H.K ni Youkoso!”} And on the search list, it showed that she also sang for the opening of “Aria the Animation.” I was curious of this anime…so I did a search for information about it. The first season was easy to obtain, but the second season, “Aria the Natural” took me at least 5 days to get it!!! I had to download single episodes at a time, and man did it slowed the hell out of my computer. Of course, downloading 21 episodes at a time will do that!!!

But it did not affect my watching experience, although it did take a while for the next episode to be loaded into the player, but not long enough to piss me off!!

I did not know what the hell this anime was about, I was going in blindly. I didn’t even read the Wikipedia entry for it. {The link at the top.} So I just went ahead and started watching.

The intro song kinda gave me a clue of what it was about. There was this city surrounded by water, at the top of my head I guessed it was Venice, Italy. But not really because the main character, Akari, was landing on this city from a space-ship. I was intrigued. It turned out that that city is Neo-Venezia, a city modeled after planet Earth’s Venice, Italy, and that planet that it was on is…are you ready for this??…Mars. It seems that Mars, or Aqua, as it’s known in this series, was Terraformed by the humans of Man-Home {Earth.}

Anyways, the main character, Akari-chan goes to Aqua to train and become a gondolier. {Someone who rows customers on gondolas giving them a tour of the city.} She wants to become and Undine, one of the best gondoliers of the city. But that is all of the story they will give you.

The series is more about the mysteries Akari encounters on Neo-Venezia and her relationships with the other Undines. She becomes friends with other undines, Alicia, Athena, Akira, and their juniors, Alice {Athena’s apprentice} and Aika {Akira’s apprentice.}

{Akari [Pink Haired] – Alice [Blue-Green Haired] – Aika [Navy Haired]}
{Alicia [Yellow Haired] – Athena [Purple Haired] – Akira [Black Haired]}

I fell in love with this series because it’s so laid back and relaxing to watch. I don’t know why but every time I see an episode, I just get this feeling to just take a deep breath and smile…which is weird for me to admit. Akari is such a lovable character, there hasn’t been a time where I’ve seen her irritated or mad. But in every single episode you see her trade-mark facial expression. A spaced out look that’s is so damn cute~, also her voice changes to match this “Kawaii-ness!”

Akari is so warm, kind and friendly. She can have conversations with complete strangers and make them a friend, eventhough she’ll never know their names. She can find enjoyment in EVERYTHING and would usually say something that will make Aika say “Embarrassing remarks arent’ allowed” making her go into her trade-mark spaced out face and say “EH!?” in another Kawaii manner!! Damn, I’m liking this character so much, I know that I will draw Akari-chan sooner or later. I have already looked up reference materials for Akari!! {I was looking for…um…I forgot!! ^_^’ }

I think this is the longest blog that I’ve done so far. I was thinking of giving this blog just a few lines explaining why I chose an Aria themed profile {at MySpace}. Explaining more and giving more in-depth looks at the other characters will make me go on and on. So I should quit for now. If any anime fans read this…give “Aria the Animation” and “Aria the Natural” a try. It’s one of those anime that is popular but somehow no one talks about…

Oh Yeah!! Another reason I liked this anime was because of the openings. They’re by Makino Yui. “Undine” and “Euphoria” are so freakin awesome and relaxing. Also “Symphony” but it wasn’t an opening or an ending, but I think I’ve heard it in the anime. And finally, here’s fan-art of Akari:

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