E-peen Stroking Tournament – Getting My Vote

"I'm more popular!" - "No, I'm more popular!"

The Anime Blog Tournament has begun! It’s time to once again vote for our favorite anime blogs as they fiercely battle it out it an attempt to gain the top honor of being called the… uhh… umm… what title does the winning blog get? … Who won last time? Uh… Anyway, it’s a battle to see who has the most popularity the best anime blog, content wise, in the aniblogoshpere!

So get to the Tourney blog and start voting!

But for me there’s one problem… I have stopped reading aniblogs and I don’t know who to vote for now. D:

My vote is very important, it has the power to change the course of the tournament. It’s something you would want very badly if you want to win this.

So what do? How can you get my vote? Well, if you want the vote which changes the destiny of anime blogs, cater to me and my brethren (they’ll follow me along and vote for you). On the day your blog is up for votes, post nekkid lolis!!

That is the road to victory! No one will be offended or disgusted, their votes will pour in and victory will be yours! I assure it!

So, blogs in future rounds, if you want to win, you know what to do!

*According to a research study that was never, or ever will be, done, this will be sure to backfire. Open Your Mind does not guarantee the promised victory the author has assured… he’s an idiot.

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