Medaka Box – Emphasizing Medaka is Human


I like this school life pace Medaka Box has right now. This was the thing that made me keep reading the manga when I first started it. It showed that even though Medaka is some elite human who can do anything and everything, she is still human and has a weakness just like everyone else. (Her weakness is that she has such an overwhelming aura that animals run away from her.)

Medaka being just like us normal humans was greatly emphasized in this second episode (like getting jealous when Zenkichi spends time with Shiranui)… but I know what is to come. And all that emphasis is thrown out the window. You will see that Medaka, and the situations she gets in, are very absurd. Full of WTF

I just couldn’t think of her as human after all that…

Also… I cannot get used to Toyosaki Aki as Medaka.

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