End of Spring ’11 – The Five Picks

Before every season starts I make a post about five anime from the next season lineup which catch my interest. So from that list, which managed to survive and which were dropped before the half point?

Astarotte no Omocha!
–I’ll admit, this caught my interest because it was [supposedly] about a young succubus who is supposed to create her own harem of men and suck their Sauzfryma. I was thinking, “Hey, this is one mindless fanservice anime to pass time with. Why not?”

Although it delivered it’s promise on fanservice, nopan loli hells yeah!, there was a pretty interesting plot with it. The weird relationship between Naoya, Asuha, Astarotte and Mercelida was rather interesting, and I would have liked if they explored it more, most of it was kept secret. Naoya is Asuha’s father, Asuha is Astarotte’s half sister, Asuha and Astarotte are both daughters of Marcelida, Marcelikda and Astarotte are both interested in Naoya. Naoya [seems to be] interested in Astarotte.

Man, that’s just crazy!

But it didn’t explore any further than that, the anime was more about Astarotte getting rid of her hatred of men, opening up to those around her and growing up. Sadly, she was still too much of a child throughout, which killed some scenes…but I guess that was the anime’s way of not letting it get too far! lol

Rating: Four bottles of Elfreda’s special milk, outta Five!

Hen Zemi
–Oh hey another perverted anime! I dropped this without even knowing! lol

I think I watched two episodes before I completely forgot about it. It didn’t manage to keep my interest. :/

Rating: One NTR videos, outta Five.

Deadman Wonderland
–I was hoping this would be a gruesome gladiator fight to the death. But the prison is just a stupid attraction/amusement park. I literally facepalmed on the first game/contest. Not what I was hoping it would be. Dropped before the episode ended.

Rating: One Cast Point, outta Five.

Hidan no Aria
–Cute girl with guns. That’s it, that was all I was going in this for. Should have chosen something else. I will say the premise was interesting, but the plot was stupid.

Once it was revealed she was actually decendant of Holmes, and Riko of Lupin, I rolled my eyes and was about to call it quits. But what the hell, I don’t even know why I continued watching. It got stupider as Jeanne D’arc came into the scene and Vlad turned out to be a freaking Warewolf…I can understand Dracula shapeshifting, but that being his usual form? /facepalm

Rating: Two Hysteria Mode boners, outta Five.

–It gave off vibes of cute moe slice of life anime, and it was just that, but was a tad boring. Managed to finish just because it wasn’t intolerable. Pretty forgettable.

Rating: Three kimochi warui health teachers, outta Five.

(No seriously, that guy, just like Hosaka, is pretty awesome!)

6 thoughts on “End of Spring ’11 – The Five Picks

  1. The only anime I have yet to review that I was watching from this season is Deadman Wonderland and I agree it was truly awful. I didn’t mind the first four episodes, but then it went down a steep hill and having seen it all, I can tell you it doesn’t get better. I hear about so many people who like the manga so I guess the anime must be nothing like it x)

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