School Days Ep. 5

WHOA! Those are some revealing shots.

Makoto is really pissing me off!! In every episode he always does something stupid or inconsiderate. You’re dating a timid and shy girl!! Why don’t you take it slow and let her get comfortable by herself!?!?

And just when Kotonoha started to take initiative and actually try to get closer to Makoto, what does he do? He goes off and gets some ‘special training’ by Sekai {Episode 4}. Only to end up infatuated by her!!! Just because she ‘lets herself’ you decide to like her?!? Kotonoha is trying to get closer to you and you’re just staring into space looking as if you don’t care!!! Kotonoha even invited you to go to her house and play with Kokoro imouto-chan {introduced in ep 3} and you showed no excitement…

Sekai, you too!! What are you doing? Don’t become the person that everyone will call ‘slut’ because you do stuff with a guy whose dating someone else!! Now you’re finishing the ‘special training’ that you started in Ep 4.

Oh well, we’ll see how this will play out. To me it seems that we will be seeing something bad. The knives are being sharpened this moment.

4 thoughts on “School Days Ep. 5

  1. ive had this sitting on my computer for awhile now, but haven’t actually watched it. i skimmed through it and got the sex, laughed, and then closed it thinking “why am i still watching this!?” its such a soap opera its ridiculous…. im holding out for saws and kitchen knives because that’s the only thing that will redeem this series. :)

  2. i have seen the entire series and i believe it is a great watch. the end is both suprising and disturbing though.

  3. i believe he was starting to get infatuated with her before he even HAD HER but she should have just confessed her feelings to him and so on but it was good although it could have made or modified to be longer and slightly better although i am not saying it wasnt good but make it more like the ova’s that were made of it which were only 2 or to follow the story line of the first 3 episodes because those made you feel weird within and it is probably the only “SOAP OPERA” i would watch

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