OreImo S2 01-02


As bitchy as Kirino is, I can’t help but love her more and more when she shows her otaku side. She’s so creepy!

That’s how I imagine you guys… but not as cute! lol


I was confusing my light novel knowledge and anime knowledge. So I wasn’t sure where in the storyline we were. I’m back on track so my body is l@dy for what’s to come. Worry not, I’ll save you from spoilers.

Or at least try.


Best girl right here! AYASE MAI ENJERU~<3

Who wouldn’t do what Kyousuke did? With the opportunity of having a girl next to you, very similar to your waifu, of course you’ll ask her to mimic lines!!

Also, apparently there was a connection about the game the anime was parodying, Love Plus, and the voice actress, delicious Hayami Saori, that I missed when I watched it because I didn’t know much about Love Plus.


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