Railgun S 01

Are we going to start with Shokuhou? Are we going into that!?

Nope. They’re teasing us with her by showing her in the first episode. I don’t mind, I love Shokuhou~<3




In the manga, I couldn’t quite see what the device she was using actually was. It was a remote control? Well, that kinda makes sense, controlling others remotely… but impractical, no? With all those buttons. And can she control others without it?

Dunno, but it’s great to have another season of Railgun~



Good ol’ Saten.

3 thoughts on “Railgun S 01

  1. I’d guess the remote acts as a focus item more than anything else, helping her create the image required for the ability. The “move point” girl used a flashlight (was it?) in a similar fashion.

  2. I am so happy to see Misaka and all her friends again! I love watching to see what crazy adventure Saten will take us on, for a character with no super flashy powers she always stands out risking her life and for that she will always be a badass xD

    THAT OPENING! Holy crap I loved it and all the hints of the other lvl5’s along with Accelerator and Touma? I CAN’T WAIT!

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