Chuu2koi – Death of The Wicked Eye

I was afraid this would happen. Rikka came back to reality, and in doing so, killed her inside identity. She is no longer the Whicked Eye… and isn’t as lively as before.

Can’t say I wasn’t expecting this. But I kinda hoped she would keep playing the Wicked Eye a bit longer… and no one mourns the death of the Wicked Eye than Dekomori.

chuu2koi_11 (5)

She lost (a part of) her best friend, so I can see how she’s so dramatic.

dat crying ;_;

chuu2koi_11 (8)

chuu2koi_11 (9)

chuu2koi_11 (10)

Mori Summer X Dekomori!

They may be at each other’s throat, but we know they really love each other are very good friends.

Watching this Rikka was a little depressing. She’s still the cute and adorable Rikka, but without her chuuni, she’s not really Rikka…

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