Smile Precure – One’s Path

With his minions unable to complete any of his orders, the Joker steps up to the frontlines. If you want something done right, gotta do it yourself!

I’ve been very excited for this and have been eagerly waiting for it since three episodes ago. The long awaited Joker vs Reika rematch!!

smile-precure_43 (3)

First off, let me say again how much I fucking love the Joker. Even if he wasn’t introduced as an antagonist, we would know right away this guy was evil. The mask he wears to hide his face raises a few flags, but combine it with his smirk and smile and those flags become huge red flags. Then there’s his voice and fangs. Everything about this guy tells to be careful around him and to keep your guard up.

And as I mentioned before, he is a total badass at fighting. He messes with his opponent and even plays around with them a bit. He’s a skilled fighter. One of the reasons why I eagerly waited for this rematch. But this time, he used a different tactic to try and defeat Cure Beauty.

smile-precure_43 (4)

Rather than attacking head-on, he chose to attack her mentally and confuse her while diminishing her fighting spirit.

Reika was already worrying on which path she should take… one where she can study abroad by leaving her friends (to fulfill her dreams), or one where she stays with her friends and not have to part from them.

Attacking this, and making her confused and unsure on which path is the right path to take, we see something we didn’t see previous one vs one battles.

smile-precure_43 (7)

The mental attacks were so effective, she lost her transformation! The Joker made Cure Beauty powerless and vulnerable!


smile-precure_43 (8)

How I mentioned how awesome the Joker is?

But that was his fatal mistake. He allowed the girls to express their true feelings to Reika. Although they said they’ll see Reika off with a smile, truthfully, they don’t want her to stay with them… they can’t smile when one of their dear friends will be leaving them. Those tears from her precious friend made Reika make her decision. She knows now what path she should take.


smile-precure_43 (10)

smile-precure_43 (11)

smile-precure_43 (12)

Duelwielding!? How awesome is that!?

smile-precure_43 (13)

smile-precure_43 (14)


smile-precure_43 (15)

OH DAMN, REIKA IS SO COOL!! Must be all that ice.

Ahh~ yes. This was satisfying. This was what I wanted and more! I was worrying a bit when I was told the Joker vs Reika fight would be different than last… and although it was, I still found it meeting expectations!

This was a great episode~

smile-precure_43 (16)

Now let’s make Reika’s decision a bit pointless.

She chose her friends rather than her dream. That’s the path she decided on. It was her own decision and I’m okay with that.

But then there’s the library in their secret hideout. They can go ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WITH THAT LIBRARY. Instant travel to where ever they please… even to England, where Reika would have gone should she have chosen to. They can visit her whenever they want!! She could have had her cake and could have ate it too!

Then again. Timezones.

5 thoughts on “Smile Precure – One’s Path

  1. This Reika’s episode was really awesome and I felt sure that animators of Smile Precure loves Reika very much: introducing her song into the fighting scene, Reika’s double swords and many great and detailed expression such as the scene where she released an arrow and then the broad and big blue sky appeared like that her anxiety was cleared thanks to her friends.

    About your opinion of Reika’s decision, it is true that they could meet each other with that library, but I think that she feels that if she went to England to study abroad, she would be afraid of being away from her best friends physically as well as mentally, which may be difficult for her to maintain Precure and friendship. .(・・・if they could meet each other with that library, there would be time lag, so it wold be hard for Reika←it is my unrealistic idea)

    One solid point is that at the moment that Miyuki and other members cried out and told their true feelings to Reika, she feels that now and her friends are much more important and precious than any other thing.
    Anyway, I want to respect that she found her path and made her mind to stay with them after her long conflict.

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