To-LOVE-Ru OVA – Came at the Right Time

If you know me, once in a while, I feel like watching something with blatant fanservice all over the place. Something to satisfy that “I WANNA SEE SOME PANTSU/BEWBS/ETC” feeling without much care to the story. Last time this happened, I watched the first episode of Queen’s Blade…and it was a blast!! I was planning […]

Favorite Anime Characters of 2008

Ah, yes, the fall season is gone and the winter season has started. That means a brand new year in anime has started. To welcome that new year, I once again will show my favorite characters of the previous year…from Winter ’08 season to Fall ’08 season. Any character between those season is qualified to […]

To-LOVE-RU – Run-chan a Trap?

Weird question that came to mind while watching episode 16. We all know what a trap is right? A trap is a cross-dressing guy that you don’t know it’s a guy unless stated…or in the bad sense, shown. And well, we know Ren is a guy…and a girl {Run-chan} depending on which transformation s/he’s at. […]