A Certain Magical Psychotic Nun

Well shit, just when I thought the arc was over thinking it was this short with the fight being so anti-climatic, it turns out the Roman Catholic nuns are the real baddies here. And one of them is a total psycho going apeshit insane and berserk when Touma, not content will sniffing the forbidden fruit […]

[Quickie] Anime Reviews – Winter ’09

Asu no Yoichi! Not much to say about Asu no Yoichi!…wasn’t really a fan. It was “ok” for a generic guy-lives-with-a-lot-of-girls-whose-parents-are-conviniently-away-on-a-trip kinda anime. One of it’s appeal was the awesome seiyuu cast, but other than that, it’s love like-it-or-hate-it-at-first-episode-deal. I kept watching for the sole reason of Makino Yui, the underdog of the cast, in […]