SAO – Suguha…

We knew it was coming. We could see it a mile away. We could see Suguha was falling in love with Kirito as a rebound after coming to terms that her love for her brother was not going to bear fruit as he is in love with Asuna. And eventually, she would learn Kirito and […]

SAO – Yui-chan~~!!

HHHHHNNNGGGGHH!!!! She’s back and she turned into a pixie! HOW MUCH CUTER CAN SHE BE!? If she’s Kirito’s navigational pixie (or whatever), does that mean she’ll show up more and more? I’m liking this second arc already. I mean, I was sold on Suguha, but now I’m all in!

Sword Art Online – Imouto is She!

Definitely better imouto character than those from a certain anime airing this season! lol This anime has gotten me all paranoid, making me try not to get too attached to the characters because they might die. I was ready to say my good-byes to Silica-chan, but thankfully that didn’t happen! But… her pet familiar died, […]