Smile Precure – Re-resurrecting Emperor Clown

When the precures defeated the Emperor Clown, they thought it was over, the Bad End drawing close to them was averted and changed to a Happy Ending. But, seems the Emperor Clown wasn’t truly defeated, at his very last moment, he managed to make a seed of himself. And now, if his four minions, Wolfrun, […]

Smile Precure – Unrivaled Joker

Realizing he was missing one Decor, the Star Decor Miyuki put on the Tanabata tree, the Joker tries to retrieve it. Well, not ‘try’, this guy was so overpowering the precures couldn’t even touch him… not even their special final attack worked as he deflected them right back at them! He easily stole the Star […]

Smile Precure – Kidnapped Candy

Correctly guessing Candy has some connection to the Cure Decor, the Joker makes a move and kidnaps her! Oh noes~ Yeah, now is about the time in the series where things happen and start moving along. They’re usually in the middle of the series and near the end. All else is monster of the week. […]

Smile Precure – What’s in a Name?

Awwwwww~ Yayoi~ ;_; Another touching episode from Smile Precure. Last week’s was that bittersweet Nao episode, and now it’s Yayoi’s turn as she tries to remember a precious memory of her late father and the reason he gave her the name ‘Yayoi’. The name comes from the old Japanese name for the month of March, […]

Smile Precure – Victory!

Haha! Finally got a win against Yayoi! She’s a tough one, I haven’t been able to beat her since I started to challenge her in episode five. Currently at 3-1 in her favor. lol Maybe I subconsciously let myself lose because I didn’t want to face consequences. ;) Also, Miyuki’s actions and expressions were the […]