Smile Precure – Happily Ever After

Hope is lost. The Bad End energy is too great for the precures to handle, Emperor Clown’s powers have grown to epic proportions. The precures don’t stand a chance, having had used their final attacks too many times, they have run out of powers… and eventually lost their transformations.

Smile Precure – No Future

Emperor Clown has awaken, and in his wake, brought the world to a Bad End. It is now a desolate wasteland with no other creatures but huge giants roaming the lands. The precures tried to defeat those giants, but were unable to do a single thing, they would just endlessly respawn. There is nothing they […]

Smile Precure – Bad End Precure

I’m left wanting more. One episode of Bad End Precure wasn’t enough to show how potentially awesome they could have been. These are precures. They are the complete polar opposite of their counterparts and they have all the moves/attacks at their arsenal. Wouldn’t it have been awesome to see them perform a Bad End version […]

Smile Precure – One’s Family

It’s now Majolina’s turn to try and defeat a precure or disappear somewhere like Aka Oni and Wolfrun have, never to be seen… maybe. And her target, is Cure March! Unlike the previous episode, this one was actually pretty intense and exiting. Mostly because everyone can relate to Nao and her desperate attempt to save […]

Smile Precure – One’s Treasure

Joker has been getting impatient. His three underlings have been on a losing streak since the very first episode, they just can’t defeat a single precure. Different nosed Akanbes or combining with one doesn’t help as the precures also got a power up. The only chance Wolfrun, Aka Oni and Majolina have of defeating a […]