Skip Beat! – Back to What I Like

The last few episodes of Skip Beat focused more on Kyouko focusing on her career and having fun rather than on revenge, and it was good, yes it was good watching her actually like showbiz and keeping Sho off her mind. But that doesn’t fulfill my Skip Beat thirst, although it was great seeing her […]

53RG10’s Top Ten Anime Songs {Fall ’08}

The end of the season is coming near, and that means I have had my share of anime OP and ED’s to listen to, so I once again bring you My Top Ten Anime Song for the previous anime season! Although I didn’t watch most anime this season, I paid a listen to all the […]

Skip Beat! – MOAR LOVE

LOVE ME~ Oh wow, totally didn’t expect Kotonami to be in the Love Me Section! ^_^’ She acted like a b!tch in the beginning, she had awesome acting skills, so I guess they think it’s a right…like the girls in the training department…>_> Anyways, I thought she would be another source of motivation for Kyoko. […]