Senran Kagura 04

GOTH LOLI RUNNING AWAY IN MINI JET OMGGHSDKLFJSD L:KFJDSL: FJSDL:!!!!!!!! www That was too adorable. Also, why do these evil ninja don’t finish their job? They attack once, get retaliated (sometimes), and then leave. Guess they’re just greeting them?

Senran Kagura 03

After a bit more skinship with frogs, Asuka was finally able to overcome her fear over them. Or rather, she didn’t really fear them as found them icky, and being the gentle Asuka that she is, reached out to one out of her own volition to save it from being crushed by a rock.

Senran Kagura 02

I wonder why frogs are legendary spirit animals. I know it’s because of the Legend of Jiraiya, but why’s Jiraiya choose a frog? I don’t quite see how it can make a ninja more awesome. lol (BTW, it may be because of the rock/paper/scissors equivalent they had at the time: frog/slug/snake) The frog is Asuka’s […]