Sekirei – Kuno, the useless Sekirei

I dunno, although she’s weak and useless, I find her to be better than Musubi, Tsukiumi, Matsu, Kazehana, etc. etc…in short, she’s better than all them sekirei who lug around those two huge lumps of mass in their chest! ^_^’ Well that’s physical appearance wise…ability wise, Miya FTW!! {That’s the landlady.} Oh! And, um, That’s […]

Sekirei – The OTHER Alice Game

Do you wanna see another anime with a “lovable loser” who every other girls happens to fall in love with? No… But what about if the girls are super powered beings fighting each other on a game called “The Sekirei Game”? You got my attention. Yeah, and the winner gets to becomes Alice ascend! Woah […]