SaiMoe 2009 – Woah, another Hamster win!

Going up against Tomoyo AND Franscesca…I seriously did not think she would take the win! IIRC…she didn’t make it this far last year’s tournament…so I’m glad to see one of my favorite character go further into the tournament! Congratulations Hamster!!

[Saimoe 2009] Bye bye Boss

Boss is not pleased…planning something? Well, this was expected, no surprise at all. This is a MOE tournament, and although Kana is cute and FULL OF AWESOME BAKA YAROU WIN, she’s not ‘moe’ enough to be a threat to Isumi [Hayate no Gotoku]. =3= That LOL SURPIRSE win of hers was awesome! ;)

SaiMoe 2009 – I AM BOSS WINS!

HAHAHAAH~~ LOL~~~!!! I really wouldn’t have done this post if not to spite Panther and if not for this: #BP @ – 08-05-09: I’m sziur_18 [01:26] [sziur_18] Oh yeah Panther, you said Kana lost the preliminaries right? [01:27] [Nicolai] Kana is an idiot, but she’s a tough fight [01:27] [~TsukiumiLove] Not yet. [01:27] [~TsukiumiLove] […]

Saimoe 2008 – My Picks

The prelims are over and it’s time for me to choose my favorite contenders for each block. These are just my completely biased picks for each block, you probably won’t see another Saimoe post until each block as 2 characters battling against each other. List stolen from Certifiably Insane.