[Unimportant Post] MOAR Image Fixing

A long time ago I fixed two images out of sheer boredom. And thanks to it, I got a tiny bit of experience at editing images. It’s been a while since then and I haven’t gotten the urge, or was bored enough, to fix an image. But I fixed this because my brother requested it. […]

World Destruction – I Like teh psycho B!tch

GODAMMMMMMN~~~~! SO F*CKING MOE~~♥! ^_^ Drastically different from this! If there’s one thing I like about World Destruction…it gotta be it’s character designs. They’re nicely detailed yet simplistic. And if I gotta choose a favorite character because of it’s design…it gotta be the psycho and trigger happy dragon lady, Lia! I like how she looks […]