Magical Heart Kokoro-chan

Parody OVA of School Days with ero-Zombies, all girl sentai, two mahou shoujo, Sekai’s naughty bits {the upper part ^_^}, a chainsaw, and a Nice Boat ending! Why are you still reading this!? Go watch it now!! I couldn’t handle watching School Days to the end, I stopped at episode six and jumped to the […]


Another perfectly done ARIA episode. Everything that I fell in love with ARIA is here, the character’s interaction, the emotion, that calm feeling, the slow pace of the story, and the good feeling it gives you after watching an episode, you can’t help but smile. As usual, the story is mostly about what the character […]

Tales of Symphonia OVA 2

Watching the OVA’s make me want to play the game again. I REALLY want to, but I already sold my GameCube -_- . The game is just sitting in storage. Maybe when/if we get a Wii… Anyway, we get more Collette cuteness and they visit two of the four shrines. The side effects of becoming […]