Moetan – Oh! I see! It’s not Loli that I like…

but flat breasts!!!! And Loli just so happen to have plenty of them!! I’m not a p3do, I just like small breast!! You have big ones so… YOU AUTOMATICALLY FAIL!!!! ^_^ Wow…I learned something from Moetan…and it’s not Engrish!! I also learned that liking small breast shatters the fabric of time and puts both the […]

Moetan – Yay for the Recap episode!

Wow, I’m actuall glad I saw a Recap episode! ^_^ I decided to pick this anime for the grave because…well, one can’t have enough loli!! ^_^’ But really, I dropped it and stopped watching it because it’s been in the barren wasteland of sub-less anime for a long time…but now that it’s finished, it’s time […]

Moetan Ep. 3

I got the feeling that this episode was done for one thing and one thing only, fan service…as if there wasn’t enough already!! ^_^ Kuroi Sumi invited Nao-kun to her summer beach house, Rumi heard this and included herself, Ink, and Rami into the trip. Sumi wanted to decline but was suckered into agreeing because […]

Moetan Ep. 2

The self proclaimed Rival {Kuroi Sumi} gets magical powers…as well as a talking cat!!! We also see that Kuroi Sumi is rich, and that she has a very evil maid, who wakes her up by kicking the bed over and knocking Sumi off of it. I get the impression that Sumi likes to cosplay, one […]

Moetan Ep 1

I was confused with the beginning, so much that I had to make sure I was watching the correct video. I thought it was a completely different anime that I downloaded by accident. It did not look anything with ‘moe,’ but as it kept going, I heard the word ‘mahou.’ Probably that was the magic […]

Moe-tan Trailer

Well, the new anime season will be starting soon. And now we got a trailer for one series that I am excited about…Moetan!! —- Wikipedia Entry: “MOETAN (もえたん) is a series of English language study aid published by SansaiBooks in Japan. Targeted at otaku, it attempted to teach English words using examples drawn from computer […]