MM! – You’re M if You Finish This

Uhh…what can I say about this anime…the beginning episodes were entertaining and pretty good. But after the whole Arashiko drama, it started to suck. It was apparent in that weird ass episode 05 where I had no idea whose ass all that shit was coming from. I’ll admit, it was entertaining, but not good. Yet […]

MM! – Not Good Enough

I cannot accept this. This is his punishment for scarring a girl, hitting her, and even spreading nasty rumors about her. The punishment is a simple threat, don’t get close or talk to Yuuno or this will be released to the public. He might keep his promise and keep his distance but what would stop […]

MM! – Inami Mach 2

So hey, we have another girl with andra…andre…uhh…a fear of men. And just like our previous lady, she packs a punch. Though I didn’t expect the source of her fear would be revealed so fast, expected a hint and a conclusion in a later episode. But that’s fine. And on the other side of the […]