Minami-ke Okaeri – One Can Dream…

Breast Lover Makoto takes breast loving to hardcore levels! ^_^ Also I just realized Mako-chan comes with innuendos, innuendos that makes us think dirty thoughts…like the spilled juiced…or making Chiaki ‘friendly’…>_> A normal person would have realized it the first time Mako-chan made an appearance…but a slow person like me would realize just now… -_- […]

Minami-ke Okawari

Yes, all my worries are gone!! Okawari is the same Minami-ke I’ve grown to love~! It’s the same Chiaki, same Haruka, same Kana, same seiyuus, and same humor. The only different thing was the animation/art, which will take me a few more episodes to get used to. Also, the OP/ED weren’t as upbeat and lively […]

Best Characters of 2007

I bet everyone is off getting their “Best anime of 2007” list ready, and since I suck at rating anime, I decided to do something a bit easier and a lot more anger inducing, ’cause we all know that if your favorite character doesn’t make a list, you go on a rampage!!! ^_^ This list […]

Kimochi Warui…

That guy’s a freak. -_- So we have an episode dedicated to the creepy, weird, and disgustingly odd person who hits on Haruka the most without even talking to her…Hosaka!! Let’s take a look at all the wierd fantasies/plans he comes up with today to creep us out and defile our lovely bishoujo Haruka-neesama:

Teru-teru Bouzo! ^_^

/me dies of Chiaki moe~♥ Funny thing is, she actually stopped the rain!! LOL! I’ll hang one of those in my place!! ^_^ … … … That came out, ‘pedophilic’. -_-‘ {I prefer to use ‘lolicon’.} ==================== Teru-teru Bouzo – From Wikipedia