ISML Topaz Round 3

Pixiv Sauce Here Since my first time participating in ISML a few rounds have passed, and I missed them. :( Mostly because I’m not really up with the schedule and because I forget when voting happens. ”’orz But I remembered today! And here are my voting results. The ones in red are the ones I […]

Genderswapping no Koto

See I can make them too! I’ve seen these quite a bit while browsing Danbooru, probably brought about by the one with most images, Kyonko who is the female version of Kyon from “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi”. Which leads me to believe that this was all brought by a girl who wanted to see […]

Favorite Anime Moments

This was brought up by “Ra[ze]-ha-ru” over at a MySpace group I visit every so often, that group is Anime in Progress run by figure maniac and fellow blogger Dancing Queen from How a Girl Figures. This none other than a copy and paste {with a few edits} of what I wrote over there. I […]