Lucky Star made me laugh again!!!

Recently, Lucky Star has been leaving me a bit unsatisfied. Those hidden jokes and hard references have been missing from previous episodes. Though it was great that they introduced new characters, Yutaka and Minami, I still expected more. Episode 15 gave me what I wanted. Well, the April Fool’s jokes were a bit cheesy, but […]

Lucky Star Ep. 14

We finally get new characters!! In this ep we are introduced to Yutaka Kobayakawa, Konata’s cousin, and Minami Iwasaki {Nagato anyone?}, who we don’t get much info on yet. We were told in previous episodes that Yutaka is rather weak and doesn’t really attend school that much, and that she’s full of ‘moe’ qualities!!! Neither […]

Lucky Star

This series has been out for a while, since April 8, 2007. There has currently been 12 aired episodes so far, and I have yet to make a blog about it!! >_< If you’re an anime fan, you should know by now what “Lucky Star” is. And for those who don’t: it’s just a comedy […]