53RG10’s Top 10 Anime Songs {Character Version}

I’ll confess right here and right now: I don’t own that many character songs to begin with, so there really is no point in making something like this if I have a limited collection. If anything, this will be a really weak list…But hell, I wanted to write about my top ten favorite character songs […]

Tsundere no Koto

Back when I first started watching anime, my favorite character type was the shy quiet girl {like Hyuuga Hinata – Naruto} because I liked watching them break out of that character and be more open. Even now, I like seeing them come out of their shell and talk more often {Hoshino Yuumi~♥}, but not as […]

Best Characters of 2007

I bet everyone is off getting their “Best anime of 2007” list ready, and since I suck at rating anime, I decided to do something a bit easier and a lot more anger inducing, ’cause we all know that if your favorite character doesn’t make a list, you go on a rampage!!! ^_^ This list […]

Lucky Star Licensed?

From Vol. 4 of the R1 DVD, which I don’t have. I saw it on YouTube and decided to share. I don’t think this will do as well as Suzumiya did. It’s for the hardcore anime fan, and I don’t think your average American anime fan will even understand most of the jokes. I think […]

Lucky Star – Final Thoughts

I was a bit skeptical about Lucky Star at first. The first few episodes were slow and mostly contained a lot of “inside” jokes, but of course, this series was meant for the otaku! Those jokes were only funny to people who had experience whatever they were talking about {like me} or had seen it […]

Lucky Star Image Song: “Kosutte! Oh My Honey” By: Hirano Aya & Sasaki Nozomi

I’ve been possessed by this song, and it is NOT because of Hirano Aya!! It’s because of Sasaki Nozomi and her cute “Pati” voice. Pay a listen to it and you’ll understand. I was going to skip on this mini album, but the Hirano Aya infatuated fan-boy in me urged me to at least listen […]