Kotoura-san 12

MOTHER IS BACK!! Feels like it’s been so long since I’ve posted about Kotoura-san. I didn’t really like what was going on with that detective arc. It was dumb. And the episodes were nearing the end of the run so I was worried whether they’ll end the show with that arc. Thankfully, they didn’t.

Kotoura-san 07

Are we back to drama? Nope, not really. Her mother didn’t really make an appearance like I was thinking. She was just watching from afar… or rather, made to watch by the priest. She clearly doesn’t want to be there nor near Kotoura. D: ALL KOTOURA WANTS IS HER MOTHER’S LOVE ;____; The drama to […]

Kotoura-san 05

Welp… looks like Moritani easily wormed her way into their circle. For a change of pace, unlike the first four episodes, this one was devoid of DORAMA. It was all fun and games, I liked it. Of course, my only problem was Moritani easily becoming part of the group after what she had done. Like […]

Kotoura-san 03

This bitch (still don’t know her name www) is still bent on making Kotoura have a shitty (school) life. The jealousy of women is a really really ugly thing. And isn’t it her fault Manabe ‘got taken’ from her? She wasn’t assertive towards him, didn’t tell him how she felt about him, nor even spoke […]

Kotoura-san 02

I’m having conflicted feelings about Kotoura-san. On one hand, I’m glad it still has those heavy themes from the first half of episode one, but on the other hand… keeping those themes means more pain for Kotoura. She finally found someone who doesn’t find her utterly disgusting for being able to read people’s mind… but […]