Kimikiss Pure Rouge [Final Thoughts]

“Who do you want to kiss?” Yuumi-chan~♥ ^_^ I’ve admitted it many times, but I would watch a romance anime over any action anime!! Romance anime is one of my preferred genre to watch. Kimikiss had all the elements I look for in that genre, cute girls ;) , girls falling for a guy WHO […]

Imouto Resistance +1

Why is it that characters with a {little} sister don’t succumb to the powers of the Imouto charm? Do they automatically get the ability “Imouto Resistance +1”? If I had an “Imouto”, would I also repel this strange ability that makes guys all over the world “Imouto-cons”?? {That’s right, different from “Loli-cons”!} Maybe it’s the […]