Kiddy GiRL-AND – Facepalm

Okay, so the scientist/researchers experimenting on Geackter didn’t want his powers to awaken. If he had a partner those powers will surely awaken an he’ll go on a revenge rampage. No, we wouldn’t want that right? He might just want to reactivate the Galaxy bomb and destroy everything. Gotta be careful with this guy. So […]

Kiddy GiRL-AND – Returning Memories

Oh yeah~ more Q-Feuille X Ascour kissing~ It took long enough to get Q-Feuille’s memories back. I’ve been annoyed at her ever since she was brainwashed and was getting very tired of her saying ‘onii-sama’. Good thing that’s over with. Q-Feuille’s memories weren’t the only ones to return, Ascouer also got her memories back…with a […]

Kiddy GiRL-AND – Loli Kissu~

OOHHH YYEEAAHH~ POWAR UP KISSU~ LOL I suddenly find myself looking forward to more episode of Kiddy GiRL-AND. Looking forward to any situation needing a Powered up Ascoeur or Q-Feuille! XD This episode was more LULZ, this time the trio, the loli is part of their group now, much to my approval, actually got a […]