Seto no Hanayome Character Albums

“53RG10 Why!?” Why not? Sometimes, character albums suck @$$ {any Lucky Star…except Iwasaki’s}, sometimes they’re OK {any from Suzumiya Haruhi}, and sometimes they’re awesome {Etou Mei’s}. Well here are some more character albums, coming fresh from Seto no Hanayome. The first three came out a long time ago, and the other three came out just […]

Lucky Star Image Song: “Kosutte! Oh My Honey” By: Hirano Aya & Sasaki Nozomi

I’ve been possessed by this song, and it is NOT because of Hirano Aya!! It’s because of Sasaki Nozomi and her cute “Pati” voice. Pay a listen to it and you’ll understand. I was going to skip on this mini album, but the Hirano Aya infatuated fan-boy in me urged me to at least listen […]