Hidamari Sketch x365 – First Impression

I LOVED IT!! ‘NUFF SAID!! This is the same ‘ol Hidamari Sketch I fell in love with during the first season but with better animation…though sometimes exaggerated, like the running part…>_> And since I haven’t read the manga yet, I was pleased to see the girls’ first meeting…sans Sae because she was dead…lined! ^_^ I […]

53RG10’s Top 10 Anime Songs {ED Version}

Well, you’ve read my Top Ten Anime Songs {OP Version}, and now it’s time for my Top Ten Anime Songs {ED Version}!! I could’ve had this done weeks ago, but I neglected it and I was contemplating whether if I should also allow current songs to have a chance in being on the list. I […]

Hidamari Sketch 2nd Season Announced!!!

“A second season for the Hidamari Sketch anime series was announced via posters at November 18’s Chō Hida Matsuri (Super Hida Festival) event. The Hidamari Sketch x 365 anime project is planned for 2008, along with a reported one-year Hidamari Radio program hosted by the personality Kana Asumi (Hidamari Sketch’s Yuno) and more events. Hidamari […]