GJ-bu 10

LOL OH GOD! MAO SAID WHAT I’VE BEEN THINKING, AND HOPING SOMEONE WOULD SAY, ALL ALONG! Megumi is pretty pissed. More than we’ve seen her before, so now we get to see what she does to relieve that anger.

GJ-bu 07 – New Member

DEKOMORI DEATH! The first thing that came to mind when I heard her speak! She’s voiced by Uesaka Sumire, Dekomori’s voice actress, but it was just too similar… then I found out the director specifically asked her to just go with Dekomori! lololol 環の上坂すみれさんのキャスティングに関しては監督から「○守がいい」というわかり易すぎるオーダーがあり、(いとう)も同意したのでそのまんまお願いしてしまいました。思った通り、バッチリでした。上坂さん、GJ!(いとう) #GJ部 #gj_anime — GJ部 (@gj_anime) February 20, 2013 During the casting […]

GJ-bu 05

MANLY KYORO!! What a difference it does simply by changing the way you address yourself and speech pattern. The soft spoken Kyoro sounded more manlier and cruder than before. Talking to the girls in that manner… THE LADIES WERE EATING IT UP!

GJ-bu 04

Megumi-chaaaaaan~ This fits her very well, she’s usually serving tea to the other club members, so wearing a maid outfit is completely fitting! And although she does the maid thing well, nothing beats the real deal: