Gintama – Blood Instincts

WOW! Kagura snapped and her Yato blood took over! That was a crazy fight, always awesome to see a small girl take down a guy over 3 times her own size, as an extra she was wearing sexy black leather heel boots! And look at that pose showing her dominance! So awesome~ P.S: I’m watching […]

Gintama – Bloody Awesome

Wow, the Shinsengumi Rebellion Arc was pretty damn awesome! But you know, it’s kinda weird seeing Gintama in SERIOUS BUSINESS mode…Gintama doesn’t take anything seriously so it feels like a whole different anime. But it’s Gintama, they keep a bit of what made Gintama so awesome in the first place, humor and wackiness! Action, sword […]

53RG10’s Top 10 Anime Song {Summer ’08}

I felt like doing another Top 10 Anime song list because both my Top 10 Anime Song {OP Version} and {ED Version} are too static. They probably won’t change even if I listen to new songs. So, I decided I would pick my top 10 Anime Songs of the past season, be it OP or […]