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Favorite Shameimaru Aya Image EVAR!

Click Image for Original Size: 3355×2365 [3.7MB] Oh wow, this image takes my breath away! It’s so awesome! Seriously, I saw this image and instantly loved it! The artist, Rokutawa Tomoe, did a very amazing job illustrating Shameimaru Aya, one of my favorite Touhou characters. The shading, coloring, and lines looks amazing, but my favorite […]

BLEACH – Best Filler Arc EVAR!

Well, so far at least, you never know whether it will suck or not by just a few episodes. But hell, if those few episodes were this awesome enough to make me wanna watch BLEACH again, then it is the best damn filler EVAR! I haven’t been following BLEACH [anime] ever since the Soul Society […]