Fairy Tail – Did Gray Just…

Did he just…kinda confessed!? “You bastard! Don’t just be taking what’s mine!” But judging from the next page, I think he meant it as “You bastard! Don’t just be taking one our guild members!” Ah well… Also, now there’s a third type of Dragon Slayer. The more Dragon Slayers appear, the less awesome and unique […]

[Filler] Double Nutbladder Explosion

OH GAWD BLUSHING JUVIA~ HGGNNNHHNN!! This anime/manga needs more, A LOT MORE, Juvia! {BTW, bishounen Natsu and confused Lucy was freakin’ hilarious! } OH GAWD RIBBON-LESS ZAKURO~ HGGNNNHHNN!! The ribbons are kinda distracting. I like this look more~ {BTW, totally laughed my ass off when Agemaki started singing! That dude cracks me up. }